Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

68 pumpkin jewelry

Pumpkin recycling...
From my last pp (pumpkin post) I still had some pumpkin seeds left over. 
No more soup, already gone... I´m sorry...:-)

Photo by sabrinasue

You need:
  1. pumpkin seeds (I used 68:-)
  2. nylon thread
  3. leather strap
  4. magnetic jewelry catch
  5. acrylic color

Let´s start...
  • Kill a pumpkin ;-)
  • Dry cleaned pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet at 212°f, for about 20 minutes - keep watching... 

Don´t bake them to long, otherwise they start popping like popcorn. 
Funny, but a big mess to clean... Learning by doing, I know what I´m talking about:-)

  • Thread pumpkin seeds, with a sewing needle on a nylon thread and color them with your favorite color and let dry.
  • Make 3 pumpkin seed rows, with as much seeds as you want, the more seeds you add to your necklace, the nicer it´s gonna look like.Knot each pumpkin seed row onto the open ends of the leather strap.

Finally you created a really fancy, in my case golden shining necklace, using only a few things.
For my necklace I adapted a magnetic jewelry catch, by cutting trough the other side and placing it on each end.

The jewelry catch makes the necklace more adjustable.



  1. Lovely. I wish I would have saved my pumpkins seeds.

    1. There will always be a next time;-) Thanks for your nice comment;-)

  2. Always nice to hear.;-)´Thank you so much:-)


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